Parker – Pressure Relief Series R4V

Parker – Pressure Relief Series R4V


General Description

Series R4V pilot operated, pressure relief valves for in-line mounting have a similar design to the subplate mounted R4V series. For single functions where no manifold blocks are used, the valves can be directly placed in the pipework. The R4V valves are available with 2 ports (L-body) for in-line relief function or with 3 ports (T-body) for relief functions in the bypass.


The system pressure in Port A is applied to the pilot valve and to the top surface of the main poppet via an orifice in X. The hydraulically balanced main poppet is held against the seat by the main spring. In this state there is no flow through the valve. The adjusted spring force acting on the pilot cone determines the relief pressure. If the pressure in Port A exceeds the set point, the pilot cone is lifted from its seat, releasing a small pilot flow to tank. The flow through the control orifice in X creates a pressure drop which limits the pressure at the top of the main poppet to the set point.The higher system pressure in Port A now lifts the main poppet off its seat and allows flow to Port B. In the resulting float position only enough flow is passed from Port A to Port B to maintain the inlet pressure in Port A at the set point. When the pressure in Port A falls below the set point, the hydraulic balance on the main poppet is restored. The main spring then forces the main poppet to close.


• Pilot operated with manual adjustment.
• 2 interfaces:
– L-body (R4V06-SAE 12, R4V10-SAE 20)
– T-body (R4V03-SAE 8, R4V06-SAE 16)
• 3 pressure stages.
• 3 adjustment modes:
– Hand knob
– Acorn nut with lead seal
– Key lock
• With optional vent function.

Note: Replacement for Abex Denison, Model: R2V12-333

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