Bosch – Bea 850 Emission Analyser

Bosch – Bea 850 Emission Analyser

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The BEA 850 at a glance:
1. TFT monitor 19”: Glare-free, high resolution and with a wide viewing angle
2. Remote control: Practical and handy
3. Printer: With dustproof cover
4. Engine measurement technology module: With clearly arranged mounting for all sensors and cables
5. Smoke-opacity testing module: Immediately ready to measure, reference device for registration authorities in various European countries
6. Keyboard: Ergonomic position and can be folded away
7. Computer module (PC): High-performance and robust
8. Exhaust measurement module: Low maintenance thanks to long-term stability
9. Trolley: Stable and easy to move
10. OBD and ECU Diagnostics choose from KTS 570/540/515 wireless or 530

A variable system for gasoline and diesel vehicles

Testing and minimizing pollutant emissions with modular measurement technology – in accordance with the latest legislation and with high measurement accuracy.
● Optimized for current and future requirements of exhaust tests
● Integrated on-board diagnostics (OBD) with ECU diagnostics testers of the KTS series (KTS 570/540/530 wireless or 515)
● Integrated on a workshop-compatible trolley
● 4-gas module with optional NO
● Very rapid response time
● Gas detectors with high measurement accuracy and long-term stability
● Simple equipment maintenance by workshop staff
● User-oriented documentation of the measurement and diagnostics results
● Software-controlled integration of older Bosch exhaust-gas analyzers
● Network-compatible (integration in asanetwork)

Exhaust-gas test and diagnostics on a gasoline-engine vehicle
● On-board diagnostics OBD
● Gas values CO, CO2, O2, HC, lambda,NO (option)
● Lambda sensor voltage (graphical display)
● Moment of ignition and dwell angle, advance angle
● Speed measurement
● Oil temperature measurement
● Multiple curves: Up to 6 measured variables can be shown simulta-neously as a curve: CO, CO2, O2, HC,lambda, NO (option), speed,moment of ignition, dwell angle, oil temperature and battery voltage

Exhaust-gas test and diagnostics on a diesel-engine vehicle
● Smoke-opacity testing during free acceleration
● On-board diagnostics OBD
● Continuous smoke-opacity testing
● Start-of-delivery measurement including determination of advance angle, reference angle and reference speed
● Speed measurement
● Oil temperature measurement
● Multiple curves: Up to 5 measured variables can be shown simultaneously as a curve: Smoke opacity, speed,start of delivery, advance angle and oil temperature

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