Self – Actuated Temperature Regulator

Self – Actuated Temperature Regulator

Model RT-1010A

The RT-1010A self-actuated regulator features a balanced, three-way valve. Design includes a handcrank option to manually position the valve. In case of thermal system failure, the operator can manually position the valve to “safe mode”. The primary applications for this regulator include bypassing or diverting cooling service for engines, gas turbines, etc.


1. Extra large two-ply, seamless bellows used for long life and extra power.
2. Valve can be manually positioned or thermostatically operated alternately by hand crank as desired.
3. Over-temperature protection is standard feature.
4. EPT Rubber U-Cup packing is standard.
5. Quick-detach valve stem construction permits easy valve change.
6. Sturdy construction with cast iron frame.
7. Selection of bulb materials, etc.
8. Setpoint adjustment wheel
9. Capillary selection

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