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Yokogawa-Controllers, Recorders & Data Acquisition

I. Paperless Recorders

GX10/GX20, GP10/GP20, DX1000/DX2000, DX1000T/DX2000T, DX1000N, FX1000, CX2000

II. Strip Chart Recorders

µ R10000/ µR20000, DR230, DR240

III. Data Acquisition Equipment

SMARTDAC+ GM, DAQMASTER  series MX100, DAQMASTER  series MW100, DARWIN series DA100

IV. Controllers

UT Series Temperature Controllers, UP Series Program Controllers, UM Series Digital Indicators with Alarms, UT100 Series Temperature Control-lers, UD Series Manual Setters, Limit Controllers, YS1000 Series, YS80 Series

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