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Yokogawa-Environmental & Analytical Products

Yokogawa had liquid and gas analyzers for practically every application, from pH/ORP and conductivity analysis to laser analysis and process gas chromatography. We are known worldwide for our leadership in this field and are helping to protect the enviroment by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

I. pH/ORP Analyzers

PH450G, FLXA21, PH202G, PH71, PH72, SC25F, FU24F, FU20F, FU20, PH8ERP, PH8EFP, pH Sensors, OR8ERG, OR8EFG, PH8EHP, SM21/SR20/SC21, ect.

II. Conductivity Analyzers

SC450G, DC402G, FLXA21, SC202G, SC72, ISC450G, ISC202G, SC210G, SC8SG, SC4AJ, SC42, ISC40GJ, ISC40S.

III. Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers

DO402G, FLXA21, DO202G, DO70G, DO30G

IV. MLSS Analyzers

SS400, SS300G

V. Oxigen Analyzers

ZR402G, ZR202G, ZR22S, AV550G, OX400, ZR402G/ZR22G, ect.


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