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Yokogawa-Field Instruments and Dcstribulled Centum Syste


1. Pressure Transmitters

DPharp EJX Series : EJX110A, EJX115A, EJX118A, EJX120A, EJX130A, EJX210A, EJX310A, EJX430A, EJX438A, EJX440A, EJX510A, EJX530A, EJX610A, EJX630A, EJX910A, EJX930A

DPharp EJA Series :

EJA110A, EJA115, EJA118W, EJA118N, EJA118Y, EJA120A, EJA130A, EJA210A, EJA220A, EJA310A, EJA430A, EJA438N, EJA440A, EJA510A, EJA530A/HAC

2. Flow Meters

Magnetic Flow Meters : AXR, AXW, CA, AXF, AXFA11, AXFA14

Vortex Flow Meters : DY, DY-RB, DY-MV, DY-HTLT, DY-FF

Variable Area Flowmeters-Rotameters : RAMC, RAKD, RAGN, RAGK/RAGL

Cariolis Mass Flowmeters-ROTAMASS 3-Series : ROTAMAS

3. Temeperature Transmit

YTA110, YTA310/320, YTA70

4. Device Smart Communicators

HART Communicator YHC5150X, BT200 BRAIN Terminal

5. Pressure Calibrators


Dcstribule Centum System

CENTUM VP is Yokogawa’s latest integrated production control system, also known as a distributed control system (DCS). Nearly 40 years of knowledges and experience with DCSs has gone into its development. CENTUM VP has a more intuitive human machine interface and poerr field control stations capable of processing data faster and more reliably. Thanks to features such as pair and spare CPU configuration, CENTUM VP achieves 99.99999% (seven-9s) availability.

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