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SEL-2411 Programmable Automation Controller

Part No. 2411#74HF (241111A3C0X0X0X1101)

Category Selection
Chassis Horizontal Surface Mount
Front Panel Small LCD With 4 Pushbuttons (6 Programmable LEDs) 
Slot A Power Supply Voltage 125 Vdc-250 Vdc (120-240 Vac)
Slot A Digital Input Voltage 125 Vdc/Vac
Slot B Ethernet Single 10/100BASE-T
Slot B Fiber-Optic Serial Yes
Slot B IRIG Connector Yes
IEC 61850 Protocol No
DNP3 Protocol No
Slot C 8 DI
Slot C Digital Input Voltage 48 Vdc/Vac
Slot D Empty
Slot D Digital Input Voltage NA
Slot E Empty
Slot E Digital Input Voltage NA
Slot Z Empty
Slot Z Digital Input Voltage NA
Conformal Coat Yes
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