Neenah Foundry R-5050-SF24

24″ Automatic Drainage Gate

Automatic drainage gates are used in areas with a requirement to prevent back flow, such as storm and sanitary sewer systems.

Standard Gates: Furnished with vertical closure for maximum ease of operation.

Gates are made of cast iron. All moving parts operate on stainless steel hinge pins. The cover is hung with cast iron arms (Ductile Iron arms on larger sizes) located at the outer edges near the center of gravity to ensure sensitive operation. For improved seating, order with neoprene seat at extra cost.

Aluminum covers can be furnished for special requirements, if specified. Also available on special order and at extra cost are neoprene or solid bronze seat mounts and bronze bushed hinges.

For applications with extreme head pressure contact Neenah’s Product Engineering Department.

Maximum head loss occurs when pipe is flowing full. Consider the head loss to be one-half the pipe diameter.

These flap gates are self-draining when no up-stream flow exists and no head is on the downstream side.

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