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Caledonian Cables offers one of the most complete lines of fiber and copper cabling system solutions. Caledonia cable performance, backed by an extensive list of value-added services, provide leading edge within every cable series and for every application.

Composite cable is a design combine multiple cables under a single jacket, it usually includes various conductor sizes and materials, and even multiple cable types that serve different functions in the application.
Composite cables take up much less space than a bunch of individual cables; they can save your cost in the long run and make cable install & management much easier.

Caledonian not only offers you common Composite cable form but also provides Composite cable designs ,which can be used in field of marine and offshore industrial, automation machinery system, industrial robotics, Automation assembly and handling technology, video inspection and etc.

Common composite designs can integrate a wide range of features, fiber optics, coaxial, etc., such as:
Video cable + data cable Composite cable
Power cable + data cable + coaxial cable composite cables
Power cable+ bus cable + fiber optic cable composite cables
Power cable+ control cable + fiber optic cable composite cables
Power cable+ signal cable + fiber optic cable composite cables

What’s more, Custom composite cables are based on custom’s specific application, such as chemical resistance, mechanical resistance, enhanced temperature, waterproof and mud resistant etc.

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