Safety Equipment for Law Enforcement

No operation is alike. For police forces, daily routine is the exception, not the rule. Today’s tighter regulations and limited resources have raised the demands on management as well as on the local forces. More than ever, you need to trust 100 percent in your equipment and 100 percent on its verification. Whether you need devices for alcohol or drug impairment checks or personal protective equipment (PPE) for dangerous large-scale operations- Dräger’s got your back.

Dräger is ‘Technology for Life’. Our products exceed statuatory requirements many times over in terms of quality, reliability and safety. This means you can concentrate on your job–every time and in any situation. Dräger has set innovative standards with drug and alcohol testing devices, which provide precise and reliable results. Dräger has developed state-of-the-art personal protective equipment (PPE) for the harshest conditions. Dräger has also introduced new creative device concepts in the area of diving equipment. We owe our commitment to quality and reliability because our customers often entrust their lives to our technology.

Facts & Figures in Law Enforcement

Did you know that each country has its local regulations and general conditions? For example in Scotland the legal limit is 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, whilst in England, Wales and Northern …

Dräger Review Special Drugs + Alcohol

From reliable THC detection to effective drug addiction therapies: Our special edition of Dräger review presents on more than 70 pages background information, analyses and interesting facts …

Our Portfolio for Law Enforcement

You ensure law and order in your city, community or country. We ensure, that you can concentrate on your job–with alcohol and drug testing devices, personal protective equipment and breathing apparatuses for diving operations, to tailor made safety solutions for specific requirements.

Alcohol and Drug Detection

For many decades, Dräger has gained experience in breath alcohol and drug screening. Dräger devices work on a non-invasive basis. That makes them very hygienic, easy to use and immediately ready.

Occupational Health and Safety

Whether you run a small enterprise or a big company, we offer you a comprehensive product portfolio. Ranging from basic right products through to premium solutions.

Diving equipment and systems

With unfailingly reliable and simple to use diving apparatus, we allow special units to complete underwater missions with maximum success and minimum risk.

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