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In-Situ Cable Extender

In-SituPart Number: 0051490 The In-Situ TROLL Cable Extender is a durable titanium adapter that joins two lengths of RuggedCable to increase the operational range of the TROLL instruments. Features Twist-Lock connectors “lock” tight for 100% reliability in the field Includes built-in vent tube for extending vented cable assemblies Connect multiple Twist-Lock cable assemblies together for ... Read More

In-Situ USB TROLL Com Direct Connect Bundle

In-SituPart Number: 0052510 USB TROLL Com Direct Connect Bundle provides a USB communication interface between a Level TROLL or Aqua TROLL instrument and a desktop/laptop computer Features Connects directly to the instrument making it ideal for indoor use, programming and downloading Includes a 2.5mm jack for external power connection Vented design with replaceable membranes ensures ... Read More
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